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I help the health and beauty conscious executive businesswoman radically reduce harmful electromagnetic pollution in the body 24/7 by wearing the QUANT ARQ Bracelet, so that she can operate at her maximum level of productivity without suffering from daily headaches, tiredness, eye strain and lack of concentration.

– The bracelet gives you instant protection
– Its sensors detect changes in the cells, sending impulses to reinforce, stabilize,
boost and protect
– It is cell-biologically tested and compatible
– It boasts a unique and scientifically certificated technology & conformity
– It is designed for lifetime use
– It is light and easy to wear
– It protects men, women and children alike
– We do fast and efficient home delivery

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About Me

I am Christine, your Natural Wellness & Beauty Transformer. I am passionate about helping people feel their optimum best through personalised guidance and the use of outstandingly high-quality proven product systems conceived to enhance:

youthfulness and
naturally and powerfully

I am here to serve YOU and lead you into better self-care!

Helping you to shine and be Beautiful & Sublime!

What You Get

Introducing the QUANT ARQ Bracelet: Empowering Business Women with Optimal Wellness.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, business women face numerous challenges that can affect their overall well-being and productivity. The QUANT ARQ Bracelet is a revolutionary solution designed to address common problems such as headaches, eye strain, lack of concentration, fatigue, and irritability, providing a tailored experience for the modern professional.

Crafted with cutting-edge technology, the QUANT ARQ Bracelet features millions of fine quantum sensors strategically placed within its sleek design. These sensors have the remarkable ability to detect changes in cells, allowing them to send impulses that reduce cell instability and harmful electromagnetic pollution within the body. Backed by scientific certification, this bracelet guarantees a unique and reliable solution.

The QUANT ARQ Bracelet has undergone extensive biological testing to ensure compatibility with the human body. Its water-resistant design ensures that it can withstand the demands of a busy professional lifestyle. Additionally, this remarkable accessory offers lifetime usage, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

The bracelet provides a customizable experience to suit individual preferences. With a choice of size and color, whether black or silver, the QUANT ARQ Bracelet effortlessly complements any dress attire, ensuring both style and functionality for business women.


This innovative accessory offers a range of benefits tailored specifically to the needs of business women. It effectively alleviates discomfort and undesirable effects resulting from long-term screen exposure, including eye strain and headaches.
  • Reduces oxidative stress by up to 75%. By reducing oxidative stress by up to 75%, the QUANT ARQ Bracelet reinforces cellular protection, viability, and stability, promoting optimal well-being.
  • Significantly enhances performance and productivity. Businesswomen can experience a newfound sense of mental sharpness and alertness, allowing them to tackle their professional responsibilities with ease. Furthermore, the bracelet fosters a general sense of well-being, contributing to a positive mindset and overall satisfaction.
  • It supports restful sleep. As a valuable companion, the QUANT ARQ Bracelet supports restful sleep, ensuring that business women wake up refreshed and ready to seize the day. By mitigating the impact of disruptive factors such as electromagnetic pollution, physical and psychological stress, nutrient-deficient foods, sleep deprivation, and various environmental toxins, this bracelet empowers women to achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.
  • Combat the challenges that business women face daily. With its advanced technology and scientifically proven efficacy, the QUANT ARQ Bracelet offers business women a unique solution to combat the challenges they face daily. By integrating this remarkable accessory into their lives, they can unlock their full potential, enjoying improved well-being, enhanced performance, and a heightened sense of confidence.
Embrace the power of the QUANT ARQ Bracelet and experience the difference it can make in your professional and personal life.




Just a few days after wearing the Quant Arq bracelet, I found myself sleeping even better than usual and feeling more refreshed, even with a couple of hours less sleep. I noticed that upon waking up, I no longer had that dehydrated sensation. I still continue to drink a large glass of water in the morning because I enjoy it and it’s good for my health, but I no longer feel the need to reach for the water bottle to quench my thirst! I have also gained in concentration for much longer periods, and my feelings of nausea and “brain fog” after spending several hours in front of a computer screen have significantly improved! All of this has radically boosted my hours of productivity!



Just a quick personal feedback on the Quant Arq bracelet that I’ve been wearing for 4 days. No more energy slumps and less need for breaks (due to fatigue) when I’m working. I feel more energized.



Hello, I am very satisfied with the Quant Arq bracelet. I work in a very noisy environment and used to have headaches almost every day. About two weeks after wearing the bracelet, I realized that I no longer had any headaches. That alone is huge because it saves me from taking paracetamol every time.

Nothing but improvements


I received it on 26th April and immediately put it on my wrist: I started to feel its effects straight away. The second night I slept with it on, I hadn’t slept like that for a very, very long time. Apart from two major weaknesses on Friday morning, which I managed very well, this product is very, very beneficial for me at the moment. I’m extremely creative, even more so now that I’ve got the bracelet, and I’m sleeping better. Nothing but improvements for a whole week now. After almost a month, I feel better and much less stressed. I can put things into perspective more quickly and my focus is growing. I’m also more precise and I’m able to anticipate even more. I also feel less tired and more motivated.

I find it incredible


A 70-year-old customer had had a swollen foot for 6 weeks without the doctors getting to the root cause. Blood tests were normal. 4 weeks ago, she took antibiotics for 10 days. 2 weeks ago, she started to be able to walk slowly outside. On Friday, I gave her the Quant Arq bracelet to try. On Friday night, she slept through the night without interruption, although she was used to get up frequently at night. After the first day, the swelling went down and today, Sunday, the swelling to her foot had significantly gone down. I find it incredible, and of course the customer does too, that such results are possible after just 48 hours of wearing the Quant Arq bracelet!

Thank you for this great product


About 4 weeks ago, my customer tried the bracelet for the first time. Of course, he was very sceptical. First of all, he had problems sleeping, had trouble falling asleep, didn’t sleep at all and his performance was at its lowest during the day. After just a few days, the sleep problem was solved thanks to QUANT ARQ. His sleep is calm and relaxed again and he no longer snores. And now, after about four weeks of using QUANT ARQ, another positive effect has appeared. The back pain in the lumbar vertebrae has disappeared. During this phase of using the QUANT ARQ bracelet, this person did not have to have physiotherapy, nor did he take any painkillers, ointments, etc. The pain was reduced to a minimum.



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